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BSF Personal Development Award

What is the PD Award?

Each year we are launch our BSF Personal Development Award for the year 12 intake in September to run to June, with accreditation in July at Gold, Silver or Bronze level in time for inclusion in UCAS and apprenticeship applications.

Students are encouraged to take part in a series of events, projects and initiatives across the school to engage and inspire others and make a real difference to their community. They regularly log their progress via the Unifrog website and then submit their PD programme portfolio to our assessment team, who will then decide on the level of impact and grading of award. Information on how to log an activity can be found here:

The competencies wheel

The wheel features the 12 competencies that students will work towards evidencing. All competencies are of equal value, and the wheel simply serves as a visual aid of how these areas can help in making students more rounded applicants for their future pathways, and indeed for life. The wheel could also be used as a simple form of tracking, so students have an idea of where they are, and competencies they may have already covered.

PD Award

The levels of accreditation

We award at Gold, Silver and Bronze level, based on the quantity and quality of logged activities and their impact on the student development of their 12 competencies. Typically 20% of the cohort receive Gold, 30% silver and 40% bronze.

Why is the PD Award essential?

At BSF we are not an exam factory; exam grades alone seldom facilitate future prosperity, fulfilment or well-being. It is our duty to ensure every student at BSF participates fully in a personal development programme that challenges them to think more, give more and commit more to their wider community. Through projects, workshops, talks, events, mentoring, volunteering, fundraising and work experience, they will build their self-confidence, develop their employability skills and graduate from BSF ready to flourish in the world outside.